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Meet Stan

Stan B. Walters, CSP

Interviewing and Interrogation Subject Matter Expert


Stan B. Walters has spent more than 36 years studying and researching the science of interview and interrogation. He is the author of Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation, 2d, ed. and The Truth About Lying: How to Spot a Lie and Protect Yourself From Deception which has been published in 7 foreign languages. He has authored numerous interview and interrogation training guides, audio programs and videos including 145+ videos on his YouTube Channel.  Stan maintains a personal library of 1500+ video taped interviews of inmates he personally directed and produced in 37 prisons in 16 states and one foreign country.


Stan worked with Dr. Martha Davis clinical psychologist and Brenda L. Connors of the US Naval War College on ground breaking credibility research project conducted at John Jay College.  The research was in association with the NYPD, and the Queens, Manhattan & Bronx District Attorneys’ Offices.  He is the co-author of 3 published peer reviewed scientific papers on the results of that project. He has also served as an interview and interrogation subject matter expert for Johns Hopkins University.


Stan has more than 50,000 hours on the platform as an instructor. Among others, he has provided training for the National Security Agency, US Army 1st, 4th and 25th Infantry, US Army Special Forces, 82nd Airborne, 1 Cavalry & 1 Armored Divisions, US Army C.I.D. & M.P.s, US Army Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence, US Army Battlefield Surveillance Brigades, USAF O.S.I., USAF S.E.R.E., USAF Security Forces, US Navy EOD, Texas Rangers, US Postal Inspectors, US Marshals Service, US Secret Service – Polygraph, FBI – Polygraph, US Treasury – Inspector General, DFW Airport SWAT, Texas Rangers SWAT, Texas D.P.S. SWAT, Kentucky, Nebraska, & Pennsylvania State Police, Kansas Bureau of Investigation, NASA Inspector General, New York State Police, US Marshals Service, Singapore Police Force & Military, US Courts, US Indian Police Academy, I.C.E., C.B.P.,  US C.I.S., UAE Police & State Security, Calgary Police Service, Canadian Fish & Wildlife, Canadian Securities Commissions, International Association of Arson Investigators, and numerous other criminal justice agencies and academies throughout North America. He has also conducted training in Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, and South Korea.


Stan has regularly appeared on Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen. He has also appeared on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, Fox & Friends, NBC, France Channel One and Australia Today. He has been profiled twice on National Geographic and was host and technical advisor on the National Geographic special "The Science of Interrogation."


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